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Executive Overview

The Free State Mobile Business Development Coaching Initiative will be a project built around the concept of educating potential new “SMME” owners that haven’t had access to any formal training because of lack of either facilities or opportunity.
The potential in the Free State to “Unlock and Uplift” the budding new business owners is unlimited. The growth in this sector can be clearly put down to the current lack of access to any formal training program or mentoring scheme.
Recent initiatives like the “Free State Challenge” sponsored by the ILO and other local and national companies may have missed a large proportion of the residents of the Free State as it was aimed at those already trying to expand or develop an idea or existing business.
The objective of this initiative is to cast the net much wider and attract and inform the new entrant to this sector.
That is why we have coined the phrase “Uplift and Unlock the full potential of the Free State”.


By joining forces with both the Department of Economic Development Tourism and Environmental affairs and enlisting the backing of both the University of Potchefstroom and the Fort Hare University, we are confident that we can make a significant contribution to both the lives of the residents of the Free State and make a real difference to the economy and at the same time make the Free State a major player in the Tourism Industry of South Africa. Both globally and nationally if you think of Tourism then the Free State doesn’t get its fair share of attention or more importantly revenue.
It is no accident that this proposal is submitted in June, the 16th was “Youth Day” and Jacob Zuma said, “South Africa’s youth can't afford to wait to start changing the country and their lives”.
He also stressed the importance of Education, he even went so far as to say “if he had his own way education would be free and failing to send children to school would be a criminal offence”.
We have included the entire article from the news site at the end of this proposal for your further consideration and understanding.

Mobile Business Development Centre ready to start immediately

The initial project will have 1 Mobile Business Development Center (MBDC), but the intention is to have a fleet of MBDC learning centres that can accommodate and teach 14 new business owners each day with full access to both the best tutors available in South Africa today with World Class access to information via the integrated Internet access capability of the Mobile Information Centers.
Eventually, these Mobile Information Centers can be used for many other purposes all aimed at increasing awareness and building the capacity and contribution from all population groups within the Free State.

Knowledge is Power

The Mobile Information Center has 14 computer terminals for the course attendees and a course leader’s computer terminal with projection facilities. It is proposed that the Mobile Centers have a pre-planned and publicised rota where they go from town to town across the Free State to deliver these training sessions.
It is proposed that we run the coaching sessions 6 days per week which will mean that in the first year we will inform, educate and uplift approximately 4032 candidates in the first year of operation. If we can increase the number of MBDC’s then this number would obviously grow.

What will The MBDC teach?

The recommended training program will have three distinct phases, first “General Awareness” training on the opportunities and pitfalls of staring your own small business and how to do it. It is critical that we give the new entrepreneur the knowledge of what to avoid as well as what to do.
The second phase or component of the One day session will teach them how to “Identify Opportunities” with simple marketing techniques.
The third phase or component of this one day course is giving them ideas and showing them the sectors in especially the recycling sector, security sector and farming sector. In this phase we will show them how to start their own business without having any money available.

What will be accomplished by the MBDC?

Using the above assumptions it means that each Mobile Learning Center could create nearly 1350 new businesses per year and if we begin with 2 Mobile Centers we can build approximately 2700 new businesses a year which should create at least 3 jobs per business (as a minimum estimate) thus creating 8100 jobs a year on top of the 2700 new business owners making a total of 10,800 new jobs per annually.
Without this mobile facility these potential new business owners who are in the rural areas would never be able to acquire the skills to permit them to even consider starting up their own business thus missing out on a tremendous opportunity not only for themselves but more importantly for the Free State.
By using the Universities and by running these coaching sessions under the auspices of the Free State Department of Economic Development Tourism and Environmental affairs we will also begin to create a powerful network of new business which can help ensure success and sustainability of those business because of the connections and networking this initiative will provide.

Breakdown or the curriculum for the coaching Sessions

General Awareness Training – Opportunities and Planning for Success {Brief overview of session content}

Will there be an exam? No. We know how intimidating exams and tests can sometimes be, so there is no formal exam at the end of coaching session. Instead, the course presenter will assess the Candidate and they will get a certificate on completion confirming they have understood and can implement the required actions to make them successful. With the certificate they will receive a easy to understand handbook with tips and business ideas that will include the telephone number of our call centre who will assist with any further questions, free contract templates etc.

Financial Breakdown

We propose the following:

1. We can start the roll out of this program 1 July 2013.
2. It can be a pilot project run on a month to month basis, so no long tender process that will delay this urgently needed service is required.
3. DETEA will pay 14 X R 1250 X 26 per month = R 455 000 per month inc. VAT.
4. This service will include the following :
     a. One day training course that ensures high quality results due to the fact that a lot of attention can be given to each learner because the group only consist of 14 learners
     b. Tea and coffee during 2 breaks during the day and a healthy lunch to all learners
     c. Each learner will receive an attendance certificate as well as an “Easy to Understand” Business Guide.
     d. All learners will be phoned and monitored during the next 12 months and assisted via the call centre in their business ideas.
5. The MBDC unit will be towed to any town and location in the Free State Province as directed by DETEA.
6. High skilled and industry expert tutors will be used to deliver the training courses.
7. All learners details will be kept records and will be available online for DETEA on a daily basis.

This initiative will create a potential of 4032 new business owners within the first year.

1. Each person will attending and completing the course will receive a certificate
2. A call centre is made available to assist the attendees if they need any further assistance after the workshop.
3. We will go from town to town in Free State and give this course.
4. We will lunch and refreshments to the attendees
5. We will supply the training officer and tow the vehicle ourselves to all the towns.
6. We will keep record of all attendees and provide the Department with a report on a monthly basis
7. 4032 New Business Owners per year with only 1 MBDC
8. 10,800 new jobs each year

Course outline

1. Welcome and Introduction of the Teacher 5 minutes
2. Introduction of attendees and brief background of each
Course starts
3. What is Entrepreneurship
4. Can I become an Entrepreneur
5. Examples of who is entrepreneurs
6. Tea time
7. Entrepreneur opportunities in our area
8. The recycling Market
9. Recycling of metal objects
10. Recycling of plastic objects
11. Recycling of Paper objects
12. Recycling of glass objects.
13. Agriculture Market
14. Growing of vegetables
15. Growing of fruit
16. Growing of other garden plants
17. Acquiring land to grow these products
Lunch break
18. Other opportunities
19. Buying and selling
20. Rep work for commission
21. General services i can do
Tea break
22. How to do research
23. How does the internet works
24. How to use a computer
25. Closing statement by teacher
25. Handing over course attending certificates.